BSA has balls: Hosking just fine calling out Judd over Maori pandering

It’s official, Mike Hosking isn’t a racist.

Three complaints that Seven Sharp breached broadcasting standards during a story on outgoing New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd have been rejected.

The Broadcasting Standards Authority chose not to uphold the complaints which came after Judd discussed why he was not seeking re-election, and that he had suffered abuse as a result of his campaign to increase Maori representation on the New Plymouth District Council.

A complaint against host Mike Hosking’s comments that “sad to say – I’d never personally attack [Judd], obviously – but he’s completely out of touch with middle New Zealand” was not upheld due to the right to freedom of expression. ?

The authority said “discussion and debate about the various perspectives on these issues is a valued aspect of freedom of expression and in the public interest”.

It did note however that presenters of a popular primetime television current affairs programme such as Seven Sharp are in an “influential position”.

The authority said Hosking’s comments “were dismissive of a valid issue in New Zealand which deserves meaningful discussion”.

Two complaints said that the reporter’s comments during the story were inaccurate, regarding an assertion that “83 per cent of New Plymouth voters voted ‘no’ to any Maori representation on council”.

The authority said although the reporter’s comments were “careless and loose”, they were satisfied standards of accuracy weren’t breached.

What a waste of time. I bet the complainants are serial complainers too.


– NZ Herald