Can’t be easy being a peaceful Muslim in the world today

As you may recall, Spanish Bride and I visited the local?Ahmadiyya Muslim Community some time ago. ?They aren’t considered “real” Muslims by the Quran-bashing types, but they are frequently seen as a problem simply for being “like the others”. ?That, we discovered, wasn’t fair. ?But it is a problem.

On 17 October 2016, the World Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, the Fifth Khalifa (Caliph), His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad was welcomed to Canada?s Houses of Parliament by Prime Minister, Rt Hon. Justin Trudeau, Cabinet Ministers and over 50 MPs and Senators.

Later in the day, His Holiness delivered an historic keynote address entitled ?Human values ? the foundation for a peaceful world? to an audience of more than 225 people at a special reception held at the Sir John A. Macdonald Building at the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa.

More than 110 guests attended, including over 50 Members of Parliament. The event was also attended by a number of Government Ministers including Hon. Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science and the official representative of the Prime Minister and Hon. John McCallum, Minister for Integration, Refugees and Citizenship.

Some hand picked quotes from?Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad’s speech follow

?If human values and human rights are not upheld in one country or region, it has a knock-on effect upon other parts of the world and such wrongdoing can spread further afield. Conversely, if there is goodness, humanity and prosperity in one part of the world, it will have a positive effect on other societies and other people.?

From our place of fear, anger and a need for justice, we must take care not to marginalise those Muslims that are largely coming from a position of true peaceful coexistence.

?Unfortunately, it cannot be denied that there are some Muslim groups, whose beliefs and actions are in total contrast to Islam?s teachings. In complete violation of Islam?s fundamental teachings, they are perpetrating the most horrific violence and terrorism in its name.?

?The Holy Quran categorically states in chapter 2, verse 257 that ?there should be no compulsion in religion.? What a clear, comprehensive and unequivocal statement that enshrines freedom of thought, freedom of religion and freedom of conscience. Thus, my belief and my teaching, is that every person, in every village, town, city or country has the undisputed right to choose his or her religion and to practice it.?

There remains one problem with that. ?If people choose to practice a version of Islam that has at its core the objective to covert the world and subjugate its people under Allah, you are left with a bit of a conundrum.

?Every individual has the right to peacefully preach and propagate his or her teaching to others. These freedoms ought to be guaranteed as basic human rights, and so legislative assemblies or governments should not unduly involve themselves in such matters.?

This also means that if, through immigration and subsequently through population growth, people who follow Islam in a previously non-Islamic country get to a certain percentage of the population, they can indeed peacefully start changing society to their own needs and requirements. ? Requirements such as having a parallel court system for example. ?Requirements to have a parallel education system. ?A specifically certified food supply.

In principle that’s just fine. ?This is a reflection of true freedom. ?But history has shown that a certain percentage aren’t the live-and-let-live types. ?It is these people that will try to manifest the single Caliphate they see predicted and prescribed in the Quran.

With parts of the UK, Sweden, France and Belgium showing the practical outcome of such social development over 30 years, I can’t help but fear that similar problems lie in our future.

And rather frustratingly the?Ahmadiyya Muslim Community will be losers of this process as well.

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad continued:

?May Allah grant wisdom to the world?s leaders and policy makers so that the world we leave behind for our children and future generations is a world of peace and prosperity.?