Champagne socialist takes break from Australian holiday to think about homelessness…


Some people have an easy life. Labour’s candidate for Waiariki, Tamati Coffey, is in Australia tasting the wine and cruising the rivers as he takes a break from owning a bar and dabbling in politics. As a former (albeit minor) TV celebrity, small businessman and property investor Tamati Coffey doesn’t have to think about homelessness much. But he did take a break out of a river cruise to share an important message with his followers. ?


Gosh and this is a man who accuses Te Ururoa Flavell of being out of touch. His post is tone deaf. It shows the stark contrast between a candidate that claims to represent the people and the people actually on the ground raising money by sleeping rough.

It is time Mr Coffey actually got some good social media advice. He has an uphill battle in front of him to defeat Te Ururoa Flavell and remove the Maori Party from parliament. But learning to keep his mouth shut and think before he speaks will only add a veneer of respectability. To borrow a leftist term, Mr Coffey needs to check his privilege.