Colin Craig commits to the long game of beating Williams, Stringer and me in court

Colin Craig is digging in for the long haul:

“We put 10 years of savings into it, we gave it all our heart and soul, it was our number one priority and we lived it for three years – we absolutely care about it, it’s a passion for us.

“Whether there’s an opportunity to be involved in the future, there’s a lot of water that’s got to go under the bridge before we can answer that question.”

He got “very uninvolved” in his business affairs while running for election, and says that’s also on the backburner.

Instead, his number one priority is dealing with his legal disputes, as well as spending more time with his children and wife Helen, who stood by his side throughout the defamation trial.

“I have an amazing wife, children that I love and who love me, and a strong family network, that’s very valuable at times like this.”

His number one priority should be settling those disputes. He can’t win against me, and I can’t lose against him. I told the truth, everything I said about him has been proven to be true including the sexual harassment, the six-figure settlement sum,

Colin Craig’s words in all his press conferences are now proven to have been misleading at best and outright lies at worst. His continuation of the case against me and others just shows his vexatious and disputatious nature, increasing the damages with every passing day.

All this shows his continued aggravation and that he is more about harassment than truth. Indeed his entire defence in the Williams trial relied on qualified privilege and barely on truth or even honest opinion. It was entirely predicated on his belief that he was entitled to strike back at those who told the truth. We now know every construct of his was built on falsehoods.

He won’t settle so I will have to go all the way no matter the cost. Jordan Williams legal bills exceed $1 million, Craigs would exceed that too. I imagine mine are going to go the same way. This is how he bullies people, this is how he tries to silence people, and I won’t be silenced, no matter the cost. At the end, I even suspect there will be nothing despite any award I get when I win. But it is a battle that must be fought.

I am heading into the hard part, there is less than six months to go before?we get into court. The costs are now mounting but I am not giving up. Bullies must be confronted.