Colin Craig’s lawyer got it wrong, writes a first year law student

This one is from the mailbag. ?

Year 13 Student got it right, Mr Mills QC got it wrong. As a first year law student, she writes again.

Dear Sir

I believe that Mr Craig should be gracious in defeat as I wrote a letter to you previously that I believed that he had maliciously attacked you, and numerous others, but with him arguing that he had been defamed.

I was not surprised at the outcome with one exception, why the ceiling in damages?

Mr Craig attempting to have another High Court Judge review the findings of the jury is to merely limit the amounts of damages in the Williams matter, given that he faces a counterclaim from you on his defamation proceedings against you.

If I was advising Mr Craig I would try and negotiate a deal of $800k with Mr Williams, and an out of court settlement on costs, not admitting to indemnity payments.

If I was advising you I would argue a dollar per pamphlet as a minimum, and if the jury found exemplary damages were established on a civil threshold of beyond the balance of probabilities, I would seek a graduated scale per 10 thousand pamphlets similar to the Richter Scale, but I would refer to it as the Craig-scale. I would seek, if pushed to trial, a minimum of $10m, and if settled prior to trial $4m, reflecting that the settlement was evidence of his regret, and that the amount would remain confidential.

If Mr Craig had sent the pamphlet to the media, there would have been a ?filter? enabling any MSM article to report what had occurred, but not what had been said that was stupendously stupid. This is what Mr Williams did. The publisher is the person responsible for the defamation, and in this case Mr Craig was the publisher and the fantasist.

But Mr Craig was in a position that there was a precipice in front, wolves behind. He decided to take on the Wolves. Wolves roam in packs, they are social animals, and scientific research indicates that certain packs are intelligent enough to run blog sites that publish the truth no matter how disgusting it is.

Mr Craig lost to a beta dog, what is going to happen with he meets the alpha wolf?

Mr Craig, if you are reading this article, lay down, roll over, expose your genitalia, and accept that your days as top dog are well and truly over.

My thoughts Mr Slater. I would like to meet you in person when my studies allow. I would love to be involved, not in your defence, but in your attack.

Kind regards

[name withheld]