Colin Craig, Colin Craig, and the Conservative Party provide a lesson we need to remember.

Whaleoil loyalist KGB writes

In 2014 many readers endorsed the CP as a support partner for National. This support was born from frustration with National, and I understand that frustration.

We saw that same back-lash in the North with WP and his NZF Party. My own ignorance of that frustration was high-lighted by my shock of the result.

I am concerned about ‘the right’ and our ability to win the 2017 election. Like local body politics it appears to me as voters we have not yet learned the lessons of Northland. The divide and conquer strategy of WP, and the left’s ability to present a unified option to ‘change the government.’

Remember the row boat ads of the last election? Well they are all rowing together right now…to change the Government.

MMP as I understand it demands I place my Party Vote in the safest hands of a sensible party. Toying with other options delivers individuals like CC & WP. (Divide and conquer.)

Act is another party offering a division of support, without the ability to attract anywhere near the magic 5% of credibility, unlike NZF.

We need to remember 2014 delivered us a National government by the hair of Hone’s chin. So much so, after Northland “Done” has hamstrung National on important issues, as have the Maori Party.

The left’s campaign to simply “Change the Government” is a clever one. We would be unwise to dismiss the strategy.

The silence on Little’s Labour confirms to me that WP is indeed eyeing the PM hat he will negotiate for his support. WP’s doesn’t suffer fools and yet his silence on Labours idiocy and the Greens lunacy is deafening.

The Greens know Little is a loser, but they don’t need Labour to win to change the Government. The Greens are quite happy to sit on the outside as supporters of a WP’s led, left-leaning government. They’re accustomed to the cheap seats, satisfied with the back row, and the scraps serve by 10% of the vote. In fact, the Greens silence on WP’s racist attitude speaks volumes.

I will declare I’m a JK fan-girl and NP member, but over the last few years have been disappointed by many decisions. Even angry on a few occasions. Mostly I’m frustrated my vote is taken for granted, because for me, there is no alternative. Disappointed National hasn’t delivered on issues important to me, like removing race privilege, RMA reform, and Welfare reform. But I understand their numbers don’t allow for the outraged reactions.

If National could win 2017 with a respectable majority, I do believe they could deliver us what we need. While they MUST continue to appease the middle, accept mediocrity, and pander to minorities, many of us will remain frustrated.

We do have places to go with our vote. ?NZ First and ACT are not going to lead to a wasted vote, whereas “Binding Referenda” Conservative or any other single issue party is likely to give half the wasted vote to the left.

National voters that want to see more backbone will need to take a “Anything but the Left” stance, and then, like last time, ensure that the left is sent packing.

Whether we have the luxury to split the vote to try and get National back to the center is going to be something we need to assess during polling before the election. ?Right now, the election looks like it will get National 44% and NZ First 12%.

ACT will get to continue it’s Charter School mission and another toy concessions policy, whereas Winston will want some serious candy to hand out. ?For NZ First, 2017 is a set-up for a 2020 success story. ?You watch.