Comment of the Day: on regional newspapers failing their readers

In response to the Marlborough Express asking readers why it’s not doing well, cows4me writes

Our local rag is also struggling and they also wonder why.

I’ve had my issues with them over the years and more times than not the editor would not print letters I’ve submitted. ?I guess I’m just not readership material.

I suspect more it is more likely because I’m not a slobbering dribbling lover of AGW or do not endorse the policies of socialism, hate political correctness and am generally just a cantankerous old fool. ? They think it wiser not to poison others with my madness.

And here lies the real problem.

Most rags in NZ have chosen deliberately to follow a particular political leaning, they have been hijacked by the left and they can not see falling readership as a symptom of this direction.

The media generally push a prescribed path and they simply do not recognise?that this path has disenfranchised tens of thousands. What’s happening now is the realities of life versus the blindness of the left.

People who read papers are older and conservative. ?People who produce papers are younger and liberal.

The only thing that does my head in is that the shareholders of newspapers have stopped fighting back. ?They simply assume print is a sunset industry and are just riding it out.

If that was even marginally true, you have to wonder why the local free give-away papers manage to get their editions into people’s letterboxes once to three times a week at no cost to the reader. ?There is clearly a model that works.

And the NZ Herald are almost right.


They just have to start giving it away all the time.