Comment of the Day

OldmanNZ cuts to the chase after an interaction with a chugger:

I got approached by the SPCA on the street yesterday, asking for donations.

You know how it goes, they talk nice, how was your day, what you do yo do… Blah blah get to the point.

She told me they look after animals, they have too many and need my help…$$.

I told her, if you have more than you can handle, just shoot them.

Then she got a little taken back and said, would you shoot people?

I said shooting animals is not illegal, I kill pests on the farm, shooting humans is illegal.

She kind of stop bothering me for donations after that.

Spot on Oldman. That sorted her out.

I well remember once in Wellington being approached by a chugger who wanted donations and signatures to stop the cutting down of our forests. I enquired as to which forests they were talking about. It turns out they were complaining about the Central north Island forests, like Kaingaroa being cut down and the logs exported offshore.

I then, rather rudely it turned out, educated this green hippy chick that we planted those forests precisely so they could be cut down…and turned into wood and paper and whatever else we dreamed up. That was the intention. Well she couldn’t pack up fast enough.

I do the same thing to Greenpeace chuggers…start asking hard questions…about their use of oil based products etc. Sorts them out real quick.