Concentration camp conditions inside jail of former Socialist paradise



In the former Socialist paradise of Venezuela prisoners have been left to die in concentration camp-style conditions where they have run out of both food and medicine.Venezuela has the world’s largest oil reserves and has been one of the world’s leading exporters of oil but its fortunes have dramatically reversed. July this year President Maduro used his executive power to declare a state of economic emergency.

The decree could force citizens to work in agricultural fields and farms for 60-day (or longer) periods to supply food to the country.Colombian border crossings have been temporarily opened to allow Venezuelans to purchase food and basic household and health items in Colombia in mid-2016.In September 2016, news agency Breitbart reported that a study published in the Spanish-language Diario de las Am?ricas?indicated that 15% of Venezuelans are eating ?food waste discarded by commercial establishments?.


Prisoners are dying of hunger and disease inside a prison as horrific footage emerges of the men looking like concentration camp victims.

In the video, smuggled out of the jail , the inmates film their frail bodies and that of a man who died just the day before.

Food and medicine has dried up in the Venezuelan prison as local police are reportedly blocking deliveries of supplies, including clean water.

The footage has shocked many across the country and has left the inmates families calling on authorities to act, before any more die.

…One of the men says to the camera: “Look at me, look at the state we are in, we need medicine in order to survive.”

Another inmate in a kind of wheelchair also asks for medicine: “We are all human beings and we need a second chance.”And the third echoes the sentiment saying: “Please, don?t leave us to die in here, help us brothers. We do not want to die”.

The prison is located in San Juan de los Morros, in central Venezuela.