Conservative Party keeping door open to allow Colin Craig to return

Leighton Baker, via The Press

Leighton Baker, via The Press

As reported by Newstalk ZB earlier today

Conservative Party spokesperson Leighton Baker said the door is still open to Craig coming back, but they don’t know what his plans are yet.

“If I was in his shoes I probably wouldn’t want to,” Baker said.

“The guy’s put so much time and effort and his own finances into it and he’s really been hammered, but that’s up to him probably.”

Baker said it had been “difficult for the Party for the last fifteen months probably, since the last election”, and they’re working out what to do next, but don’t want voters to forget them.

“We’re still pretty keen to push for this election, and keep putting our ideas out there,” Baker said. “Whether we get in or whether we just get other people to say ‘Hey that’s not a bad idea’ – either way’s a success.”

“It’s been difficult for the party for the last 15 months probably, since the last election. But I don’t think, it’s going to be difficult, but it’s not impossible.”


I appreciate loyalty. ?I really do.

But this is the next step in total political retardation by the Conservative Party. ?Even allowing for Mr Craig to be the victim of one of the most complicated and long running attacks and being 100% innocent of all allegations, he no longer is a viable person to be associated with a political party.


– Frances Cook, Newstalk ZB