Could we have more immigrants like this please

The Daily Clickbait aka The NZ Herald has a great story?about an immigrant who came good.

A former student who came to New Zealand speaking little English has turned the business he started in his garage into a $15 million operation.

Kai Du came to Auckland from Inner Mongolia, China, as an international student at age 24 in 2008.

He studied business, and through a common love for computers with his then roommate Johnny Zhang, also from China, they started Magic Group Ltd.

Their business started from a residential garage, selling goods and electronic products imported from China and advertised in local Chinese online media site Skykiwi.

“We took turns, with one doing customer service and the other doing deliveries,” he said.

I love his attitude:

Du now has 25 staff at his Albany warehouse and employs more than 70 people in the China operations.

“I think the key to our success is attitude, and seizing opportunities when they come,” he said.

Du said: “Opportunities there are plenty in New Zealand, especially for international students and migrants who have connection with their homeland,” Du said.

“Instead of complaining about how hard it is to find jobs, they should open their eyes and look for these opportunities and make the best of them.”?

That advice applies to everyone as much as it does for immigrants.

But here’s the thing…this guy came here with basically nothing. Yet he has succeeded and is now a massive contributor to the economy, employing 25 staff, renting premises, buying and selling stock offshore. These are the sorts of success stories we need to hear more of.

New Zealand really is a land of opportunity, but only if you seek your own way forward and don’t expect the government to look after you.

If only the Labour party and the Media party could adopt the same attitudes instead on continually trash talking New Zealand.


-NZ Herald