Council commits $11M so road maggots can enjoy the ladies of the night too


Auckland Council sure knows how to blow millions and for so few people as well.

Auckland Transport and Auckland Council today revealed plans for proposed changes to Karangahape Rd and are inviting feedback from the public.

The proposal includes a protected cycleway on both sides of the road. It will span the length of the road and part of Upper Queen St.

Other plans include improvements for pedestrians, peak-hour bus lanes, bus-stop relocations, changes to parking, upgraded street lighting, street furniture, cycle parking, opportunities for outdoor dining and street activities and rain gardens, trees and landscaping. ??
“K Rd is such a special place which many Aucklanders have a connection with,” said Ralph Webster of Auckland Council.

“The plans reflect feedback we have received from local businesses, residents, property owners as well as many other people who spend time there. We also would like to know what the wider public think of the proposal.”

Looking at the plans it shows that they will reduce K’Road to one lane each way, making an already congested street even worse, and all for a few road maggots to view the ladies of the night from their bicycles.

On top of that nearly 20% of K’Road carparks are going to be removed so some wombles like Russell Brown can cycle without losing their pannier bags.

Never before has a council spent so much money on so few people at the expense of citizens going about their normal daily business.

Do cyclists not care about the children?

They’d rather be able to bike K’road than feed or house a child suffering child poverty.

$11M could provide an?awful lot of state housing.


– NZ Herald