Cry Baby of the week: Lambs tails and cow shit are 100% organic


An environmental and political activist who had 220 rotting lambs’ tails dumped on his property believes he was specifically targeted.

Chris Cresswell’s neighbour found the pile of lambs’ tails on Tuesday morning, while he was mowing part of Mr Cresswell’s lawn that borders his own property.

Mr Cresswell, an ED doctor at Whanganui Hospital, said he believes the dumping was “unlikely to be random”. He’s reported the dumping to police.

“Talking to other environmental activists, there are a couple of others who have had this sort of thing happen to them. I know one who had cow poo dumped on her driveway.”

Mr Cresswell said he believed the incident could be related to the local government elections on October 8. He has stated on his public Facebook page who he intends to vote for.

“There are people I’ve annoyed with my opinions over the elections,” he said.

It’s not just the elections Chris. ?You’re pretty annoying most of the time.

Mr Cresswell is a member of the Green Party, and has campaigned actively against various issues including the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement and the proposed iron sand mining in South Taranaki.

Isn’t democracy wonderful. ?People dumping lambs tails on your lawn is a form of communication Chris. ?And you called the police? ? You and your brethren think nothing of chaining yourself to things, blocking people from exercising their free rights in business and movement, and you get the cops involved over a little push back?

Cry baby.


– Whanganui Chronicle