Desperate Twitter tries to imitate Gab

As most of you already know I am on Gab now as @spanishbride and I only visit twitter to encourage others to jump ship as I have. Gab seems to have timed its entrance into the world of social media brilliantly.Twitter is failing and no one wants to buy it while Gab is growing rapidly. Twitter in a last ditch attempt to save its failing brand is attempting to copy the success of Gab by?investigating the feature that sets Gab apart from all other social media. The ability to self-censor.

Dallas, Texas Today at Gab AI Inc, a people first pro-free speech social network, we were particularly amused to discover that our competitor at Twitter is tinkering around with the concept of user-controlled self-censorship???a tool that has been the staple of our platform, since its inception from the beginning of August.


Our platform has been consistent from the very beginning ? we believe in the power of choice and the ability of users to make responsible decisions for themselves.

By giving individuals the option to filter content, selecting what they want to read and don?t want to read, we send a strong message to the online community of the world ? the masses should not be infantilized and told how to think. This is goes against the heart of customer service and indeed, free speech.

Here at Gab we will never arbitrarily ban our users for holding the ?wrong? political views or expressing themselves. We will always empower them, giving them the freedom to choose and putting them first at all times…


Today more features are being rolled out for Gab.


Gab V2 features:

  • New, more scalable backend.
  • Gabs become public, by default. Visible to the whole world, whether or not they have a Gab account. Visible to search engines, like Google, Bing, Dogpile, DuckDuckGo.
  • Private accounts (available now), allow you to make your account visible to only those who follow you. You must approve all follows. This makes your account invisible to most of the web, including search engines.Click a check-box at the bottom of your “Settings” window to make your account private.
  • Adds the ability to delete your account.Andrew said that out of the current 45,000 users, there have been 10 requests to delete an account.
  • Released Monday, 31 October, 2016.

There will also be some aesthetic changes:

  • Better font.
  • Main menu navbar now stays in place when you scroll content.

They’ll be working on the following new features after V2:

  • Images.Images are expensive, in storage and bandwidth. Native image sharing will initially be available to donors only.

I’m a Gab donor and one of the other perks of being a donor was getting my blue verification tick. If you are a donor they can easily check your identity using your credit card/paypal details. The only requirement is that you use your real name on Gab in order to be verified.

  • Video. via a Vidme partnership (if I understood correctly).
  • Mobile.They know how important it is to have mobile apps.Why did they do web first? Gab doesnt want to be under the thumb of Apple or Google SnapChat is reaching a plateau in their growth. Gab is accessible from any device with no app store approval. Indexing content in search off of mobile.The mobile web version of Gab works great! Push notifications are the only real advantage of a native app.iOS is ready to roll out, but no announced ship date yet. Android wont be far behind. There is already a third-party Android app.
  • They will be giving invites to Gab users, so we can hand them out.I remember Google doing this when Gmail first came out.

“With your help we can make this happen. We can take down big social.” — Andrew Torba