Devoy: Some Kiwis are racist for wanting jobs to go to Kiwis first

via Newshub

via Newshub


Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy has intervened in the debate about foreign students, warning Kiwis about showing “casual racism” towards them.

Dame Susan told Newshub she is concerned about the way some Kiwis are blaming the 125,000 students here for taking low-paid jobs off New Zealand’s young people.

“[They are] being told to go home, perhaps being abused at the bus stop, people making fun of their names and all of these things. We call it casual racism, it probably doesn’t feel very casual to them actually because they’re the ones that it’s directed at,” she said.

“We can’t blame international students for the lack of employment for our own young people. You know, we need to be doing the things that are looking after our young people to ensure that they do get the appropriate education and the skills required so that they can get meaningful employment.”

International education is now a $1 billion a year industry, and Dame Susan called on New Zealanders to look after international students better.

Please be unemployed so someone else can earn export dollars by employing near-slave labour instead of expensive Kiwi workers.

I don’t actually care about the work going to foreign workers. ?If someone from India takes your job, you were clearly tits at it.

But I’m getting pretty tired of Devoy telling us “we’ are a bunch of racists. ?It’s entirely understandable for unemployed people to be upset about foreign cheap labour taking their jobs.

They are entitled to be upset.

Now Devoy runs a guilt trip on them as well.

Nope. ?Not fair. ? Kiwis who are displaced in the job market by foreign students on work Visas are totally entitled to make noise and ask for changes in government policy that is placing export earnings and foreigners ahead of citizens.


– Newshub