Does Jenna Lynch even know what she is talking about?

Jenna Lynch has done a spiteful and stupid little piece at Newshub accusing National of a jack up in candidate selection in Mt Roskill.

Here’s some advice – don’t waste your time tuning into National’s announcement of their Mt Roskill candidate.

Spoiler alert: it is Parmjeet Parmar. That was decided long ago by the National Party bosses.

There was no point in any other candidate putting their name forward for Mt Roskill – it was always going to be Parmar.

National is adamant they haven’t chosen their candidate – but the hoardings for Parmar are already flying out of the printing room.

National is adamant they haven’t chosen their candidate – but John Key is posting high-production videos all over social media of himself and Parmar on building sites and celebrating Diwali.

National is adamant they haven’t chosen their candidate – but National has already organised a $250 a head fundraiser with the Prime Minister at Eden Park for her.

That’s three strikes – it is a jack-up. ??

The National party board has chosen this candidate instead of letting the local membership decide. They say that’s because the membership in the electorate doesn’t reach the threshold. The constitution defines that threshold as 200 paid-up members.

Hogwash. This is the well-oiled National Party machine at work.

They have seen what happened last time they let democracy take care of a candidate – the locals up North served up an absolute novice, Mark Osborne, who got steamrolled by Winston Peters.

And they won’t want to be embarrassed like that again.

Talk about dopey, ill-informed and ignorant.

This is a stupid article, she doesn’t know the National party constitution. I wonder if she has ever read it?

The constitution and rules say that if an electorate has under 200 members then it is a board selection. That is one of the reasons Murray McCully always kept his membership so low.

It is in the rules, no argument. If someone wanted a selection all they had to do was sign up enough members to put the membership over 200, then a selection would have been mandatory under the rules.

She also doesn’t understand political reality.

No one is dead set stupid enough to run in a by-election they are going to lose.

Look what happened to Melissa Lee. She?got smashed and never bounced back.