Dripping wet pinko liberal hates democracy


What is it with the left-wing and their we-know-best, the-voters-are-wrong attitude.

Take Grant Smithies for example, who writes in the Nelson Mail about his disgust that the voters didn’t return a council he wanted.

It was like a morgue when I walked into the pub on election day, despite the presence of over a hundred people and umpteen kegs of delicious beer.

Everywhere you looked, slumped shoulders and deep frowns signalled a sense of despondency and defeat.

People’s heads lolled forward over their pints. Hands patted backs in commiseration.

Dark jokes were made about leaving the city and moving somewhere new, but no one was laughing. We were too stunned.

Stunned that the dud candidates and the ratbags he supported?got caned?

Even now, a fortnight after the local body elections, I still feel lower than a barnacle on a submarine.

Not only did the election return a mayor many believed divisive and disingenuous; the rest of the council was suddenly top-heavy with rumpty old right-wingers who hadn’t had a creative thought in decades.

Only half the city’s eligible voters bothered to vote, and those who did were mostly disgruntled conservatives who used their democratic right to endorse a Great Leap Backwards, back to the days when the only issues worth worrying about were law and order, keeping rates low, and building more roads.

Oh, harden up cupcake. Go spin some nostalgia vinyl if needs be. Those are the ONLY issues worth worrying about.

To pinko liberals like myself, it was painful and perplexing. I suddenly felt like a stranger in my own back yard. It was as if I’d gone to bed on the eve of the election in one of the country’s most progressive provincial towns, then woken up in Timaru in the 1950s.

One road to rule them all. In the end, it all boiled down to one single issue that has been festering in Nelson for decades: a plan to push a State Highway through two of Nelson’s poorest suburbs, past schools and kindergartens, effectively cutting the city in half, so that traffic would no longer clutter the picture postcard waterfront views of the rich.

The Nelson Mail noted that “the outcome can only be interpreted as a strong endorsement of the southern arterial roading link, supported during electioneering by the mayor and all five newcomers”, adding that the new council “has the musty appearance of councils from yesteryear: white, male and older”.

Yes. And even though I’m an older white male myself, I’m disappointed that so many crusty relics are now running my town.

Here’s a thought. Build a bridge, and get over it. At least he is honest and self-aware enough to describe himself as a “pinko liberal”.

Over the past six years, the previous council made great progress on long-stalled cultural and environmental projects, improving river water quality, forging ahead with a “city to sea” pathway and new cycle lanes, rebuilding the local art gallery and music school.

The vast majority of these projects were initiated by progressive council members, but sadly, most have now been replaced by tired old plodders whose single Big Idea, in these days of global warming and dwindling oil supplies, is to bisect the city with a noisy, expensive and unnecessary road previously vetoed by the Environment Court due to air pollution concerns.

It’s going to be a very long three years.

What is with the left-wing’s focus on cycling. He was moaning about the great leap-backwards, but isn’t promoting a sport and hobby bugger all people can be bothered with out of all proportion to reality? Cycles are backwards. Oh, and BTW, there is no dwindling oil supplies…that myth busted a decade ago, and climate change as a myth will be busted soon enough.

Cupcakes like Grant Smithies should stick to whining on Red Radio. Politics is for the strong, the weak perish at the ballot box.

As is typical with all socialists, he can’t see it as voters wanting something else. ?The votes are wrong, he is right, which is why with an attitude like that he better get used to bitter electoral disappointment.


– Fairfax