Duco goes down with a T-KO trying to sponge off the New Zealand taxpayer

Joseph Parker’s promoters Duco Events have withdrawn their application for government funding for his WBO heavyweight title fight against Andy Ruiz Jr.

Duco boss Dean Lonergan says there is now ‘an 80 percent chance’ the fight will take place outside of New Zealand.

The decision increases the odds the fight will take place in the USA with Las Vegas or Dallas tipped as likely venues. Los Angeles is another option as it’s the hometown of Mexican-born Ruiz.

Auckland’s Eden Park, Mt Smart Stadium and Vector Arena have all been slated as possible venues in New Zealand.

Lonergan says they have until November 5 to finalise a venue in New Zealand. The fight is set to take place on December 10.

“There are various options on the table and we judge each one on merit.” said Duco’s David Higgins.

Higgins said if they were given government funding via Major Events funding they would still have to charge Sky Television viewers to watch the event and believed that would cause backlash and make Duco ‘pariahs’ in New Zealand.

“It became clear to us it would have been unpalatable if we did both,” Higgins said.

“We’re not prepared to be pariahs in own country.”

Dudes… you were already pariahs in New Zealand for coming to the taxpayers money trough.

You didn’t do due diligence. ?Even the people who are sympathetic to helping you out are saying your event really doesn’t qualify for government assistance under ?most criteria.

As for it being staged in the United States, no offence to the local promoters and their crew, but the whole event will be a magnitude bigger, better and brighter when run by the usual suspects. ?And on the outside chance Parker would win, the victory would be that much sweeter.

You’re putting Parker up too early. ?You are trying to get as much money out of it as you can before he realises he’s wasting his time. ?That’s OK. ?But don’t expect New Zealanders to hand you free money raised through taxation just so you can make yourselves more wealthy.


– NZ Herald