Electric heavy vehicles won’t have to pay road user charges

Heavy electric vehicles will be exempt from road user charges under a bill the government has introduced to parliament.

It’s the latest move in Transport Minister Simon Bridges’ campaign to encourage people to switch to EVs.

Light vehicles already receive favourable treatment.

He says the EV programme is shifting its focus to transport, and heavy electric-powered vehicles will be exempt from road user charges until they make up two per cent of the national fleet.

Mr Bridges wants councils to start thinking about ways to encourage the use of EVs, and says allowing them to be driven in special vehicle lanes is the single most effective non-financial incentive on offer.

“This is evident in places like Norway and California,” he said.

“It will ultimately be a decision for authorities like the Transport Agency and Regional Councils – in some cases it won’t make sense but we certainly encourage councils to give it some thought and see if it will work in their regions.”

It is clear Simon Bridges is enjoying out-greening the greens. ?Token announcements and impractical initiatives are now combined with an another evil of the left: subsidy.

National are really quite keen to keep the treasury benches by completely moving into the soft Labour and Green vote.

At times this pragmatism is nauseating. ?Just remember that most of this is just for show. ?Aftert all, how many idiots will be driving EV SUVs or EV light trucks? ?Sweet Fanny Adams.


– NZN via Yahoo! News