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A globe-trotting nurse has been sending a five-year-old boy small gifts from around the world all his life.

But despite making it across the world safely, his latest gift was stolen from right outside his house.

Whanganui based UCOL nursing instructor Gordana Bogunavic turned to Facebook for help recovering the gift for her son, Julian Pedersen, after it was taken from their letterbox two weeks ago.

Canadian nurse Kirsty Robertson, who works for Doctors without Borders, has been sending Julian little gifts from each country she visits since he was six months old.

A woman from their neighbourhood found the latest package cut open, along with a pirate hat, under a shrub nearby and returned it. A note from Robertson was still inside and referred to the hat and another gift from Yemen.

Bogunavic thought it might have been some sort of blunt ceremonial dagger. In a previous letter, Roberston had assured her the gift would be safe for kids, and Julian wouldn’t be able to get it out of its sheathe himself.

She had scoured the bushes for three blocks around their Selwyn Cres home in the pouring rain hoping the thief had dropped it or thrown it away, she said

“[Julian] was so upset I had to have him see me do something.

“He was really upset for a good three days, but he’s five so he forgets about it. He keeps coming back to it though and getting a bit sad again.”

Bogunavic became good friends with Robertsn while they were working in the Wellington Hospital emergency department the year before Julian was born.

When Robertson’s work visa was up, the pair went to South America on holiday.

Bogunavic started feeling very queasy as they hiked the trail to Machu Picchu in Peru. At the time, she thought it was just the high altitude and foreign food. It wasn’t until near the end of the trip she found out she was a few months pregnant.

“Kirsty called Julian ‘the Inca baby’ because he’d survived through everything we threw at him on the trail.”

Robertson felt a special bond with him because of that and decided to share the world with him, she said

What a friend to have. ?So cool.