Face of the Day


Congratulations Auckland. ?You got yourself a Len 2.0.

I suspect we will all look back on Len 1.0 with some fondness. ?Who cares he was constantly after the hired help when it turns out he was actually a more benign version of Phil Goff?

And the rest of you outside of Auckland, don’t laugh. ?The only way that Len 2.0 can make it worse is by getting central government to make some new rules and break some old ones. ?And those will involve rate and tax payers in other cities paying towards Auckland’s problems. ?

Looking ahead, us political tragics can focus on a byelection now

Goff will now resign from Parliament, allowing for a byelection in Mt Roskill before Christmas – with National’s candidate hitting out today at Labour’s new candidate as “not honest”.

The Green Party last week announced it would not stand a candidate in the byelection, with co-leader Metiria Turei saying it would be closely contested and the Greens didn’t want to “play any role in National winning the seat”.

That deal is the first in an electorate under the agreement between Labour and the Greens to campaign together more closely and work to increase the centre-left vote.

It could prove critical – in 2014 Goff won with an 8000 vote majority over National’s candidate Parmjeet Parmar but National got 14,275 party votes – about 2000 more than Labour.

Today, list MP Parmar said she was yet to be selected as National’s byelection candidate.