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The Government has granted nearly $2.5 million in assistance to help people move from social housing to sustainable private housing, freeing up places for those who need it most, Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett says.

Housing Support Products (HSPs) were introduced in July, 2014, to help people achieve independence by moving into the private housing market and to remain in it. Since then, 1954 HSPs worth a total of $2.44 million have been granted.

HSPs, as well as tenancy reviews which were introduced at the same time, are working well to ensure that social housing is reserved for those who need it most.

She kicked out the bludgers that were taking the p***. ?

But the problem is that actual solutions are hard to find. ?Still

In the past three months alone the Government has:

– Finalised contracts for more than 3000 emergency places a year

People can’t yet live in contracts.

– Announced the redevelopment of 300 existing Housing New Zealand properties into about 1200 new homes in Northcote, Auckland

People can’t yet live in announcements.

– Announced the development of Education land in Otahuhu, Auckland, for 51 homes for families on the social housing register

People can’t yet live in announcements.

– Announced plans for modular housing on three Auckland sites

People can’t live in plans.

– Granted hundreds of special needs grants for people who need emergency accommodation

Emergency grants are not permanent solutions.

– Announced an extra $24.4 million for community housing providers in Auckland, on top of $120.1 million already announced to help more community housing providers grow their stock and to offer tenancy management and wraparound services.

People can’t yet live in announcements.

– Announced $9 million for two innovative ways community organisations can help people into housing and sustain tenancies.

People can’t yet live in announcements.

– Housed an average of close to 160 people a week

Nice. ?But we need more. ?And how many of those are being put up in motels?

– Acquired an average of 15 houses a week, 14 of them new builds, through HNZ and community housing providers

15 houses a week. ?Seriously? ? That’s all the government is capable of?

– Given financial assistance to dozens of people who wanted to move out of Auckland but couldn?t afford to.

“Dozens” of people have been paid to get lost out of Auckland.

This would be a report that you’d expect from a city council the size of Whangarei. ?Or Levin. ?Or Timaru.

Not a government.

For some strange reason, Nick Smith and Paula Bennett are having a huge amount of trouble dealing to?the inertia in this policy area. ? And they are running out of time to tidy it up before the 2017 election run.