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081111. Photo Maarten Holl/Fairfax Media, The Dominion Post. NEWS. Police College. New firearms, etc, training simulator. minister of Police Judith Collins gets trained by Vince Anthony, Lockheed Martin (US)

Maarten Holl via Fairfax Media, The Dominion Post.

“I take that very seriously and I have been discussing this with police and my colleagues for some time,” she said on Wednesday.

“We’re still working through the numbers but recently the prime minister confirmed that the government is likely to increase the number of police – this is great news for police and New Zealanders.”

Prime Minister John Key said in August an increase in police numbers was likely over time.

That was soon after Ms Collins had said the ideal of having one officer for every 500 New Zealanders had slipped to one for every 526.

It has been clear that it’s time we have more front line police. ?Let’s hope Bill will allow it in the next budget round, and doesn’t delay implementation to 2018 or beyond.

Since National came to power, police numbers have increased by more than 600.

Ms Collins used her speech to discuss recent family violence initiatives, saying the government was committed to reducing the damage it causes.

She also praised police for the way they’re targeting illegal drugs.

More police is almost never a vote loser. ?Let’s get it done.


– NZN via Yahoo! News