Face of the Day


Her son Dylan Kelly said his mother had “boundless kindness and energy and time for other people”.

Her illness only made her more outspoken and determined, he said.

“She’s kind of, ‘Well, I better get everything I care about sorted out before I’m gone.”

In her last months, even her greatest detractors had only kind things to say, Dylan said.

“[Right-wing blogger] Cameron Slater, who’s the last person you’d ever think would say something nice about mum, posted a little thing when she got sick saying… ‘I’m sorry to hear that about Helen.'”

That’s a difference between the Left and the Right in general. ?The right can separate the person from the politics, whereas the left vilifies the person for his or her politics and does not see any inherent value to that person’s life because of it. ?Instead of countering the ideas with better ideas, they tend to just want that person to go away. ?I still recall the joy at Margaret Thatcher’s death.

It still remains true that we have more in common than what sets us apart. ?The fact some people get vicarious joy through a political adversary’s terminal illness and death is a side of humanity that’s hard to stomach.