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Brendon McCullum hopes he and former friend and New Zealand cricket team-mate Chris Cairns “never cross paths” again.

McCullum testified against Cairns who was found not guilty of perjury and charges relating to alleged match-fixing at Southwark Crown Court in London last December.

The 35-year-old, who retired as Black Caps captain in February, said in an interview with Seven Sharp he hopes his career isn’t defined by his involvement with Cairns.

If that is his objective, then he should not have brought it up. ? His career as a cricketer stands on its own two feet, but to rip the scab off the Cairns issue isn’t very smart.

Long time readers will remember that this blog took a primarily anti-Cairns stance based on the information in the public domain. ?

At some point after Cairns was successful in his most recent case in the UK he contacted Whaleoil and had a very long phone call. ?It was polite and it was full of information that was not published by the media. ? He also sent us copies of court documents, emails and other material that provided the background to an awful lot of other happenings at NZ Cricket to back up his phone call. ? This was wide ranging, including the non-selection of Ross Taylor as Captain, and the role Brendan McCullum played in this, including claiming to have had nothing to do with it. ?Emails tell a different story.

Whaleoil isn’t a sports blog, so we didn’t run it as a story. ?We did however stop beating Cairns with the stick that the main stream media had provided because we now knew enough to understand some of the dynamics behind the scenes. ?And as per usual, our main media had served us poorly.

I find it interesting that McCullum goes on TV to promote his new book and then ends up saying he doesn’t want his career to be defined by the Cairns Thing. ? Talk about not letting sleeping dogs lie…


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