Face of the Day


A Queensland-based New Zealand man has been sentenced to six years prison, suspended after two years, for abducting and assaulting his teenage ex-girlfriend.

Carl Gary Chapman, 33, abducted Billy-Anne Huxham, 19, from a Caboolture house in March 2015 before assaulting her several times over three days as he tried to avoid a police manhunt.

Prosecutors earlier this year agreed to drop kidnap and torture charges in exchange for a guilty plea.

With time served, Chapman will be eligible for parole by April next year, but is likely to be deported to his native New Zealand once released from custody.

Carl is clearly one of New Zealand better exports to Australia. ?Sadly, he’ll now become another Kelvin Davis supporter, and Labour will only be looking for the missing 999,999.

Perhaps there is a spot for him at the Tribal Nuks. ?I see torture is on his resume. ?Could be a great way to keep those P dealers out of town.

In fact, I can see this as a business model. ?Carl could go from town to town like some kind of un-warranted Marshall and clean up the vermin.


– NZN via Yahoo! News