Face of the Day


The good old days when he still had full vision.

The leader of a gang that swore to rid Ngaruawahia of P dealers says he’s lost an eye for his efforts.

Jamie Pink, head of the Waikato town’s Tribal Huk gang, drove his Ford Explorer into the Waikato Times’ carpark on Monday morning, the paper reports.

The car was riddled with bullet holes and covered in blood stains, the result of a confrontation on a rural back road at the weekend.

“It’s over,” he told the Times. “I’ve lost an eyeball, but all good.”

Mr Pink, wearing an eye patch, said the gang’s effort to drive meth dealers out of town is complete.

Police have confirmed to Newshub they are now in possession of the vehicle.

Efforts to contact Mr Pink so far have been unsuccessful.

Perhaps the gangs that distribute and sell P aren’t going to take?instructions from a two bit provinivcial bunch of patched old timers. ?Crush them, crush them hard, and the same problem won’t pop up elsewhere in the country.

Those who applauded the Nuks’ actions, instead of insisting on the police deal with this… ?how’s things going for you now?


– Newshub