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Cam’s?very good friend Brian Edwards has unhinged about the Paul Henry’s interview.

Controversial broadcaster Paul Henry is being criticised for an article in which he expressed his hate for people and commented on a woman’s breasts mid-interview.

The expletive-laden interview published by NZME was labelled a “career wrecking ball” by media expert Brian Edwards.

Edwards shared a post on his website and social media, saying his preferred headline for the story would have been “Suicide note from a deranged narcissist”.

In his post, Edwards spoke about the effects fame can have on people, and urged Henry to, “get some help, mate”.

People don’t?understand that Paul Henry truly?doesn’t care about their opinion of him. ?Even if it does come from the Lord of the Media, Brian Edwards himself. ?

Edwards, an experienced broadcaster who helped create the current affairs programme Fair Go, called Henry a “deranged narcissist”.

He also spoke about his own fame in the 1970s, and the effect it could have on people.

Brian’s fame 45 years ago is clearly comparable to the New Zealand of today….. /TUI

“My point is that I know about fame if only in your own backyard. It’s corrosive and corrupting. It turns mild-mannered men and women into monsters,” Edwards wrote.

“Been there! Experienced that! And then one day you’re overcome by some self-destructive impulse to smash it all down.

“Or maybe it’s not self-destructive at all. Maybe you just want to test how far you can go before the adulation stops. Will you still love me? You’ve turned into a deranged narcissist!

“Time to give an intemperate foul-mouthed interview to a national newspaper perhaps. A career wrecking ball.”

Edwards clearly doesn’t understand.

Polarising is Whaleoil’s stock in trade. ?People either love us, or they hate us. ? The usual media lackeys and social justice bullies feign their outrage, but our “ratings” prove that we have a genuine and reliable audience.

Paul Henry is in the same business. ?You’ll either watch him because you like what he does, or you talk about him and protest against him because you don’t.

While the ratings keep coming in, the shareholders of Mediaworks won’t care.



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