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It appears Andrew Little is getting marginalised further. ?Another ex-Labour leader comes out in favour of the TPP.

Former Labour leader and ex-ambassador to the US, Mike Moore, says while he doesn?t want to criticise current Labour leader Andrew Little, but he disagrees with Mr Little?s opposition to the TPP agreement. He spoke to Q+A?s Jessica Mutch at his Auckland home on Friday, where he is still recovering from a serious stroke 18 months ago.

He agreed the current Labour opposition to the TPP was a political stance – one he disagreed with.

“Look, a lot of the disagreement I disagree with. I think it doesn?t go far enough. It doesn?t go far enough. Our dairy farmers are getting very little, nothing, so we can ask for more. So maybe we?re opposed to it because it doesn?t go far enough.”

He said globalisation and free trade were positives for New Zealand.

“What we?ve done in the last 30 years has been remarkable. We?ve produced more wealth in the last 40 years than the rest of civilisation put together. Look what?s happening in China – 400 or 500 million people out of extreme poverty. India the same. Europe the same.

And look at New Zealand. We?re going quite well, thank you. What are we going to do? Knit our own aeroplanes? We can?t do it, and we need to be involved in the global supply chain, and I think we?ve managed quite well.