Feral is as feral does

Green Party Proud Feral

Green Party Proud Feral

There are times I’m scared to type the “F” word, as it seems to upset some West Coast people so much, not to mention journalists at the?Greymouth paper, but for crying out loud people, Cobden knows how to breed them:

Three teenagers have been arrested over a spate of attacks on tourists and thefts from campervans on the West Coast.

The youths – two aged 16 and a third aged 17 – have been charged with aggravated robbery and burglary.

Police allege the teens targeted campervans and overseas tourists in the Cobden area.

“None of the victims – who were all overseas tourists – were injured during the robberies, however they were understandably shaken and are being supported by their embassies and Victim Support,” Detective Sergeant Kirsten Norton said.

“I’d like to reassure the victims, and other tourists and visitors to the area, that the people responsible for these robberies are being held to account. We take this type of offending very seriously and will not tolerate it in our communities.”

Once again, this isn’t the result of mouldy homes. ?This isn’t the result of Auckland’s house prices. ?And this isn’t the result of whole milk powder prices being soft.

This is poverty ?of parenting.


– NZ Herald