FFS, he had a root in an airport bog…so what?

The po-faced, prurient, panty-sniffing sector of society is all agog that an All Black had a root in a bog at an airport.

The All Blacks have gone all pansy-wristed as well.

All Blacks halfback Aaron Smith has left the squad in South Africa following an incident at Christchurch airport.

The star player was seen entering a disabled toilet with a female after the All Blacks test against Springboks last month. ?

The All Blacks learned about this on their arrival in South Africa for their final Rugby Championship match against the Springboks in Durban this weekend.

Player leadership and management agreed Smith should serve a one-match ban.

What? A ban for a root in a bog?

Back in the day the whole team, the coach and the physio would have high-fived the bloke for a quick score.

Are they upset because it was a disabled toilet? What if he had given a poor crippled girl the time of her life…imagine the cred for shagging an All Black while in a wheelchair.

This is a pathetic beat up. Surely it was better in a disabled toilet with more room rather than risk an injury squeezing into a smaller cubicle. That’s commitment, thinking about the team etc.

As one wag commented today:

5-10 minutes….coincidentally, that’s how long it used to take Justin Marshall to pass the ball from a ruck.

And then there is this brilliant tweet.


The bottom line though is when pressure builds up it has to be released. There is nothing worse than sitting on a plane with an over full ball sack.



– Fairfax