Fiji shows NZ media and politicians up

When Fiji Police decided to arrest some politicians for breaching the decree in regard to authorised meetings the media and the left-wing all got up in arms, accusing the Fiji PM, Frank Bainimarama, of orchestrating their arrest.

Despite the facts that the Police acted on a ?complaint that had nothing to do with the government they all attacked Fiji and denounced the government, ignoring the rule of law and legal processes in Fiji.

Now, the Director of Public Prosecutions, who is independent of the government has declined to prosecute and issued a rebuke to the Police.

Prosecutors in Fiji have decided there is not enough evidence to charge a group of politicians, after they were detained for holding a meeting.

Six men, including leaders of the main opposition parties, were arrested and taken to police cells for not having a permit for the meeting, as is required under a special decree.

But Fiji’s Director of Public Prosecutions says there was no intention by anyone to break the rules. ?

In his decision, the police were also criticised for being “selective” about who they arrested.

That was all Newshub had to say on the matter, which is quite a bit less than their original attack on Fiji and the PM.

What has happened is the law?has been followed and the investigation has shown that there was a simple mistake.

Once again the NZ media have jumped in and pronounced all sorts of calumny against the Fijian government. None more so than Michael Field, who continues to show why he remains banned from visiting Fiji.

I wonder if Murray McCully, John Key and Andrew Little might like to apologise to Fiji’s PM when he arrives on Wednesday for their statements made back in September?

?- Newshub, NewstalkZB