Five minutes into the job and Phil Goff wants to blow a billion on a stadium

Now Phil Goff wants to build a stadium!

Now Phil Goff wants to build a stadium!

Well, we did warn you. Phil Goff has just picked up from where Len Brown left off.?Now he wants to build a stadium…at?a cost of more than $1 billion.

What is it with socialists and grand projects?

New Auckland Mayor Phil Goff wants to make an early start on a $1 billion stadium on railway land alongside Vector Arena.

In an interview with NewstalkZB’s Tony Veitch to be aired today, Goff said he does not want to spend an estimated $250 million on upgrading Eden Park over the next 15 years and believes the spiritual home of rugby and cricket could be sold for as much as $300m.

Goff, who has only been in the mayoral job for two weeks, stressed the council did not have up to $1b to invest in a new stadium right now but if the council did not start planning it would miss the boat. ??

The mayor said private investment would be required and he hoped the Government might also provide some funding towards the project.

And he wants everybody who lives south of the Bombay Hills to contribute to it.

The Council doesn’t have a spare $1billion. I doubt they could even borrow for it on their current debt ratios.

Add that to his light rail down Dominion Road and rail to the airport and Phill Goff is intent on bankrupting Auckland.

Unfortunately, he will likely get his way and his promises of small rates increases will be out the window. By the time it comes to pay the bills he will be safely retired and contemplating the statute that should be built in his honour.


– NZ Herald