Funny they should mention Quad Bike deaths

A quad bike accident in Taup? on Saturday night left one person dead and another with moderate injuries, bringing the number of deaths from quad bikes this year to ten, a record for a single year.

The former director of Lincoln University’s Telford campus, Charley Lamb, said the deaths were occurring as a result of crush injuries, which research showed roll bars would prevent.

“Very few bikes have roll over protection, which of course they should do. Whether people want to debate that and argue that, they can. But they used to do the same about safety frames on tractors and they did the same about seatbelts in cars.”

“There’s no doubt that roll over protection on quads will stop crush injuries and stop deaths. It won’t stop injuries.”

He said the government’s refusal to require roll bars, coupled with a reduction in the agricultural training budget and a failure to classify agriculture as a high-risk industry, have created a “perfect storm”.

Three days ago we had a look at the insane situation where just one differential domestic pool drowning death a year has caused a huge amount of clipboard carrying dicks going around nit picking people over their pool fences.

Near the end of that article, as a throw-away line, I said

More people in New Zealand die as a result of quad bike accidents.

Quite handily, the deaths of quad bike accidents is now 300-500% higher than those of home swimming pool deaths. ? If you normalise that over the number of swimming pools versus quad bikes on farms, it could even be worse.

The point is that the Government is quite happy to fart around the edges and muck around with legislation which will save one life a year. ?But it’s refusing to do a single thing about on that has claimed ten lives this year already.

Perhaps I’m the fool for trying to look for logic and common sense. ?But roll bars on quad bikes would be something I would install on my own. ?Time that farmers stop thinking they are bullet proof and do the same.