Gender Diversity propaganda coming to a school near you

ccp9idyuaaa73erWhere ever Australia goes New Zealand usually follows. How long will it be before their?Safe Schools program?and Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships Program is introduced to the impressionable young minds of our school children?

Debate is still raging over the controversial Safe Schools program just weeks after a 17,000-strong petition calling for it to be scrapped was tabled in NSW Parliament.

Parents and schools around the country are divided, with some accusing the anti- bullying program of introducing children to a radical left-wing sexual ideology and others saying it saves lives.

“I think it’s more about indoctrination rather than education.”

A government-funded website set up for students that includes Safe Schools program materials was embarrassingly found to have potentially exposed students to explicit information about gay saunas, anal sex, and how to search for gay sex online.

What concerns me most about this radical dogma is the fact that they are teaching children that there are more than two genders and that gender is fluid. It is a scientific fact that there are only two genders. Gay men are men and Gay women are women. They are ?telling young children that if they are attracted to the same sex that it means that they are trapped in the wrong body. They are telling them that they have to mutilate their bodies in order to be happy and they are telling the other children that this idea is normal.

In reality there are only a tiny minority of people who have genuine mental problems where they hate the body they were born in and think that changing it will make them happy. They have a mental issue that needs psychological treatment not the surgeon’s knife. Instead our society encourages them to mutilate themselves and calls them brave and courageous.

Now a new program is being rolled out in Australia that paints boys as predators and girls as victims.

REMEMBER when schools focused on the traditional foundations of education: reading, writing and arithmetic?

Parents can look forward to a few additional Rs being added to the curriculum when the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships program is rolled out at Victorian schools next year.

…?The respectful relationships curriculum has moved so far from its original purpose, it may as well be a radical gender studies course more at home in university halls rather than Victorian classrooms,? he said. ?Schools should never be used to brainwash our children with propaganda about white male privilege, how ?masculinity? encourages ?control and dominance? over women, or how men are ?socially engineered? to express their pain and stress in anger and violence.

…Children are taught about ?male privilege? and that ?gender norms? are purely a social construct that can lead to discrimination and ?acceptance of gender-based violence?.

The program pushes the notion that Australian males are conditioned to be ?heterosexual? and ?emotionless? and encouraged to exert dominance over women.

Though the program demonises boys, it is girls who stand to lose the most by being groomed to believe that they are victims.

…Dr Kevin Donnelly, former co-chair of the National Curriculum Review, is among those aghast.

?Much of the program reads like Feminism 101 where a cultural-Left ideology, otherwise known as gender theory, prevails. Beginning in primary schools and continuing to year 12, children are taught the principal cause of domestic violence is ?lack of gender equality?,? he wrote. ?Ignored is that poverty, alcohol and depression also contribute … and that rates of domestic violence are a significant problem for particular groups ? such as indigenous Australians and the LGBTI community.?

Professor of clinical psychology Kim Halford, from the University of Queensland, casts doubt on the wisdom of adopting simplistic ?boys are bad, girls are good? gender theories: ?Programs that only focus upon alleged male power and misogyny as the sources of violence grossly oversimplify a complex problem.?

Sadly, the State Government has allowed itself to be captured by the most toxic elements of the grievance industry. Rather than instilling in children the notion that we are all equal, regardless of gender, sexuality, colour or creed, we will introduce them to the unhealthy culture of identity politics before they can write their own names.

Schools can teach children to be decent and respectful without brainwashing them with activist research that pits the sexes against each other and paints every boy as a potential rapist and every girl as a downtrodden victim.