Give us a break, for God’s sake – Crusher Collins

As the peace flotilla was reduced to a piece ship, Green loonie Marama Davidson is getting her 15 minutes of derision.

Green Party MP Marama Davidson’s “peace ship” trip to Gaza was nothing but a stunt, cabinet minister Judith Collins says.

The intention was to breach Israel’s blockade but the ship was intercepted by the Israeli Navy and Ms Davidson is being detained, along with about 15 other passengers.

The same thing has happened to previous “peace flotillas” organised by pro-Palestinian movements.

Ms Davidson released a pre-recorded message about her plight, which has been widely published.

Ms Collins has no sympathy for her.

“Give us a break, for God’s sake – when I saw her standing there saying `if you see this we have been taken’ I thought `beam me up, Scotty’,” she said on Newshub’s Paul Henry Show on Friday.

“For goodness sake, she’s paid to do a job here and this is a stunt.

“Give her points for being able to get huge media attention, but this is a stunt.”

Huge media attention? ?Not even that.

Labour MP Phil Twyford, on the same show, said Ms Davidson’s protest was justified.

So Phil is saying that the UN sanctioned blockade is illegal? ?Has he run that past Helen before mouthing off without the facts?


– NZN via Yahoo! News