More good news: Our sheilas are paid 9th best in the whole wide world

The opposition likes to go on about gender pay equality and how the government is doing nothing.

And yet this happens:

New Zealand has moved up one place in a global ranking of gender parity, but sits behind Rwanda and the Philippines.

The country now ranks ninth on the World Economic Forum’s index of nations based on the gender gap in key areas including the economy, politics, education and health.

The WEF, a not-for-profit body based in Switzerland, analysed data from 144 countries worldwide and said the global gender gap had widened to its largest since 2008.

It estimated that there will not be economic gender parity for another 170 years, an increase on last year’s estimate of 118 years. ?

New Zealand’s 2016 ranking marks a slide from seventh position on the WEF first’s index in 2006, while Australia is ranked 46th.

Top 10 countries:

1. Iceland
2. Finland
3. Norway
4. Sweden
5. Rwanda
6. Ireland
7. The Philippines
8. Slovenia
9. New Zealand
10. Nicaragua

Source: WEF

Another crisis solved by Labour declaring it so.

– Newshub