Greens want to cancel Dirty, DIRTY gas power plant

Time is running out for the Government to decide whether people will get a say on Nova Energy?s proposal to build a large gas-fired power plant in south Waikato with significant impacts on the environment and climate change, the Green Party said today.

“The Government should ?call in? Nova?s application to build a new gas-fired power plant as a matter of national significance so everyone gets to have a say, because it will affect New Zealand?s commitments under the Paris Climate Change Agreement,” said Green Party energy and resources spokesperson Gareth Hughes.

“New Zealand has committed to reducing our climate pollution under the Paris Climate Agreement, so it would be ridiculous to allow big new sources of climate pollution to be built.

“It would be a massive failure of policy and leadership to allow a new power plant that could emit an estimated 425,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas pollution a year and dismiss its impacts on the climate.

“Almost 3000 people have signed a petition asking Nick Smith to show leadership about this power station.

“The Resource Management Act says that whether a project is relevant to New Zealand?s international obligations to the global environment – like the Paris Climate Agreement – is a factor in deciding if it?s a matter of national significance that can be ?called in?.

This dirty power plant could need another 17,000 trees planted to suck up all the CO2 pollution it could spew out.

17,000 trees. ? To combat the DIRTY power plant.

So I did a bit of research, and just with Radiata pine, there is a lot of research as to initial planting density and their effects on final yield and so on. ?After some time, it became clear that 5000-7000 per hectare planting density is reduced to around 300 final harvest per hectare.



17,000 trees, at 300 per hectare, gets you to needing 57 hectares of trees. ?(17000/300).


Or, if you want to visualise that, roughly five rugby pitches. ?There are six in the image below.


That’s about the same as the stand of trees you can see on the left of the motorway at Onewa Domain.

Or, if you’re into golf, about 1/4 to 1/3 of your typical golf course.

Question: ?Do you think it is a reasonable cost to society to dedicate about 5 rugby pitches for the next 100 years to remain dedicated as a stand of trees, in exchange for the energy security of a gas fired power plant that will also provide economic benefits through construction, maintenance and employment?

Seriously, when can we start?


*If my numbers are seriously out of whack, please correct me below.