Heaps of people voted for him in 2013?

Tamati Coffey keeps saying the last General Election was 2013 and the paper doesn’t bat an eyelid.

“At the last election a lot of people said ‘you’re on the wrong roll’,” he said.

He said a large number?of people said they were unable to vote for him in 2013 as they were on the main rather than Maori roll.

“The feedback was ‘go for it'”,?he said.

And he thinks he is qualified to take on the co-leader of the Maori Party and become a Member of Parliament?

For the benefit of the doubt, 2013 was the local body elections. The general election was held in 2014. But hey, that didn’t stop Coffey from doubling down on his screw up.

Coffey said voting numbers from ?the 2013 election, when Labour secured almost double the party votes as the Maori Party, bodes well for his chances.

He said too that between them Mana Party candidate Annette Sykes and Labour candidate Rawiri Waititi secured more votes, 5482 and 5837 respectively, than Flavell’s?9726 votes.

I think he is being too simplistic in assuming that all of Annette Sykes votes will flow through to him. In fact that is highly unlikely and Flavell should give Coffey a spanking like he has never had before.


– Fairfax