Helen Kelly to win NZer of the Year 2017

The organisers of the 2017 New Zealander of the Year awards have struck Helen Kelly off the list of nominees, saying her death makes her ineligible.

The former union boss was the most popular choice when nominations closed last month, receiving 108 of the 375 public nominations for the award.

National awards manager Glyn Taylor told Newshub that rules stipulate if someone passes away, they are no longer eligible for the accolade.

“She cannot win the overall [New Zealander of the Year category] because unfortunately she’s passed away,” Mr Taylor said.

Ms Kelly died from lung cancer on October 14, two weeks after nominations closed on September 30.

Mr Taylor says it’s too late to change the rules now as the process to select a candidate has already begun.

“Rules cannot be bent otherwise you have anarchy so the rules are what the rules are.

“For the current process it is what it is, but we will make due reference to the outstanding commitments she made to New Zealand at our gala,”

Oh, that won’t do.

The left will go ape-shit. ?

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47 mins ?

This is a terrible decision – and a terrible look for the awards. The views of thousands of NZers shouldn’t simply be discarded. Given Helen’s impact over the past few months of her life and untimely death she should most definitely remain in the running to receive the award posthumously.

These people, the usual suspects, got a flag added to a Flag Referendum. ? Do you really think?Glyn Taylor can withstand the leftie TISOs, SJBs and the perpetually outraged? ?It’s just going to need the Herald and/or Mediaworks to get behind it, and it will be a done deal.

They’ll make an exception and allow her nomination to stand.


– John-Michael Swannix, Newshub