Hide on paying scumbag prisoners your tax money

We don’t like paying money to wife-beaters, rapists and other thugs.

We don’t like retrospective legislation.

We don’t like governments imprisoning citizens unlawfully.

Fair call. ?That’s the Kiwi way. ? But that leaves the government in a pickle.

There’s no quirk or loophole. Corrections quite simply got it wrong. And their wrong-headedness was backed by the High Court and Court of Appeal.

It took the Supreme Court to point out the law as it’s written and intended, fix the anomalies, and re-apply the New Zealand Bill of Rights.

No one has put their hand up or been held to account for the unlawful detention of hundreds of citizens.

Indeed, if anything, the Prime Minister has pinned the blame on the Supreme Court declaring the decision “out of left field”.

That’s nonsense.

The Supreme Court simply did its job. The only thing “out of left field” has been Corrections, the High Court and the Court of Appeal misreading Parliament’s clear instruction.

Corrections simply carried out the law as they understood it to be. ?That’s somewhat different to wilfully keeping people locked up for kicks.

The Prime Minister says the Government is considering changing the law and doing so retrospectively.

But there’s nothing wrong with the law. It’s logical and clear. The problem lies entirely with Corrections.

The “change-the-law” response is political spin to disguise that the Government got it wrong and badly wrong.

The spin avoids having to hold anyone to account, and retrospectivity relieves taxpayers of having to compensate criminals.

But such a law would mean our Government has unlawfully incarcerated hundreds of citizens without consequence or accountability and, when caught, changed the law to make unlawful incarceration lawful, to dodge all responsibility.

Life’s like that Rodney. ?Sometimes it shits on you from a great height, and there is no umbrella handy. ? A young woman in her 20s gets mowed down by a drunk driver. ?The drunk driver gets 18 months Home D for manslaughter.

Men in their 40s and 50s con retirees out of millions of dollars of their money. ?They live it up large, they go belly up, leaving lots of people facing a desolate number of decades. ? Few if any of these people are ever held to account. ?Most still drive their imported cars from their freehold homes to their freehold holiday batches.

Sometimes life is a shit sandwich. ?Without the bread.

What about the lives these criminals ruined? ?Where is the fairness in compensation for them?

These crims are just fine. ?Let’s move on.


– Rodney Hide, NZ Herald