Hit the road Colin, and don’t you come back no more

The Chairman of the Conservative Party appeared on Paul Henry this morning. ?He left absolutely no doubt that the Conservative Party no longer wants Mr Craig.

In fact, somewhat surprisingly, Mr Craig is no longer considered a party member.

Mr Craig founded, led and financed the party, which came close to winning seats in parliament in 2014.

Now he’s lost a $1.27 million defamation case and the Human Rights Review Tribunal has ordered him to pay his former press secretary Rachel MacGregor nearly $129,000 compensation.

Mr Craig hasn’t ruled out a comeback but that’s now how the party sees it.

“Colin Craig is not a member of the party, he has no position in it, he hasn’t been offered a position and he hasn’t asked for one – it isn’t happening,” board member and spokesman Leighton Baker said on Newshub’s Paul Henry show on Tuesday.

Asked whether the party would have him back, Mr Baker replied: “No”.

Yesterday the Conservative Party were still hedging their?bets. ?But that was before the release of the suppressed HRT decision that clearly outlines Mr Craig’s role in a long running employment dispute over money and sexual harassment.

Today they have finally drawn a line under it. ?They must rue the day that they didn’t decide to place Colin before the board and hold an internal review. ?It could all have been over so long ago.

As it is, this fight is only starting. ?You can bet your bottom dollar Mr Craig’s removal from the party was not achieved with his consent, and he has brought lawyers in the last time the party tried to oust him as leader.


– NZN via Yahoo! News