How about: get stuffed?

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel

Richard Harman reports on Germany’s attempt to shame us

As might have been expected the visit here of the most senior German politician since Angela Merkel in 2014 has produced polite suggestions that we take more Syrian refugees.

The Speaker of the Bundestag, Prof Norbert Lammert spent most of Saturday morning at the Auckland Refugee Resettlement Centre in Mangere talking to New Zealand immigration officials and then meeting refugees.

In an exclusive interview with POLITIK, he said that he believed that the world would probably be confronted with continued immigration over the coming years.

?There is no serious way to prevent migration,? he said.

?But it would make it easier for all countries being confronted with the challenge of migration if we could agree on a fair distribution of the share of migrants.”

He conceded that didn?t even happen in Europe let alone with countries like Australia and New Zealand which were on the ?periphery?.

But asked if he thought New Zealand should do more, his answer was blunt. ?I think it could do more,? he said.

It is no secret that Germany is looking for countries to relieve it of some of the burden of the 1,000,000 plus refugees from Syria who have entered the country in recent years.

Listen Fritz, since when did Angela Merkel’s brain fart become our problem? ?Off with you. ?We don’t want to import the same problems as we’re observing in Europe, danke schoen.


Richard Harman, Politik