I believe him but New Zealand’s Immigration and Protection Tribunal do not

The problem with progressives is that they have drunk the Halal Kool-aid. They really believe that Islam is just another religion. Muslim activists inside the West have been very successful at convincing Liberal feminists to turn a blind eye to the inequality and separatism between the genders. They have even convinced them that the hijab is a symbol of feminism and that even the full face mask is a woman’s fashion choice rather than a symbol of oppression.They have convinced western Gay Activists to defend them despite homosexuality being punished with imprisonment, flogging and execution in Muslim countries.

In New Zealand, a Muslim man has been unable to convince the Immigration and Protection Tribunal that he will be punished for being in a relationship with a non-Muslim woman if he is sent back home to Bangladesh.His evidence was described as being “vague, mobile and implausible.” While acknowledging that there is Islamic extremism in Bangladesh the tribunal thought it unlikely that he would be a target of it despite his haram tattoo. While it is quite possible that the man was unable to provide concrete evidence of the threat towards him I wonder how many Muslim women murdered by family in so-called honor killings would have been able to provide hard evidence before they were killed? In fact, families often lie to the woman to make her think that all is forgiven so that they can lure her back.

In Britain an Ahmadiyya Muslim was killed by a Sunni Muslim simply for wishing his non-Muslim customers a Merry Christmas.I would have thought that there is an over-supply of hard evidence of Islam-related violence both in the West and overseas.

A Bangladesh man who claimed he would be tortured and possibly killed after getting into a relationship with a non-Muslim Kiwi has failed in his bid for refugee status.

…The man failed in his first bid for refugee status, so appealed the decision to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal.

He claimed he would be at risk of “being persecuted, or otherwise at danger of suffering serious harm”, from not only his Muslim family, but his local village and police, whom he claimed had a warrant out for his arrest.

…He said the Facebook account was seen by his family at home who did not approve of his new-found love.

He claimed they told him to end the relationship and head home immediately. He said his father – who had links to Islamic state – was also angry.

The man claimed to have been “banned from the village” and unfriended on Facebook by several friends.

…He said the village council, or Panchayat, issued a declaration condemning him for the relationship, that it was an illegal act against Islam and he would be “punished according to the “law of Shariot”.

However, inconsistencies in his evidence eventually led to his demise, the tribunal deeming it “vague, mobile and implausible”.

The tribunal found that although there was evidence of “Islamic extremism” in Bangladesh, the risk that posed to a person with the man’s characteristics was remote.

“There is no credible evidence that he has been subjected to, or threatened with, serious harm in the past, or that he will face such harm in the future. There is no credible evidence that any Islamic group or other person in Bangladesh would be concerned to cause him serious harm because of a relationship that he had with a non-Muslim woman abroad in New Zealand, and which ended over a year and a half ago.”

As for the tattoo, the man claimed that it would bring him to the attention of Islamic leaders who would consider the act “forbidden” and those who get them are “cursed”.

“Notwithstanding these reports that tattoos are haram [forbidden] and cursed in Islam, they consistently report that a person may repent of the mistake. The appellant exercised his own personal judgment as a Muslim to have the tattoo inscribed.”

It said the supplied arrest warrant from his village council could be easily be forged.

His appeal was dismissed.

– NZ Herald

So what kind of punishments can a returning Muslim expect on his return to Bangladesh if he has been a naughty boy?

  1. Apostasy?(jail sentence and fines but radical extremists will execute them )
  2. Blasphemy ??(extrajudicial actions including torture)
  3. Adultery??( lashed to death )
  4. Atheist Bloggers ( public mobs want them hanged )
  5. Criticism of Radical Islam?( hacked, shot to death )

The examples above clearly show Bangladesh to be a welcoming and forgiving place and the New Zealand Muslim man being deported will not be in any kind of danger for having sex before marriage with an infidel woman and tattooing a haram tattoo on his neck with her name on it.