Instead of having a war with the government you’d think the teacher unions would solve their pedo problem [UPDATED]

The teacher unions are in a constant war with the?government, often accusing them of harming children.

Meanwhile, the march of registered teachers and presumably union members through the court for fiddling with kids continues unabated.

A former Canterbury principal has admitted 10 historic charges of indecent assault and sexual violation against a boy.

Michael William Hogan, 54, pleaded guilty to the offending, which happened between 1990 and 1995 when Hogan was teaching at small school in Southland.

The offending involved one victim, who was aged between 13 and 18 at the time, at two Southland schools.

Some of the charges were representative, indicating the offence took place at least once in a specified period.

Hogan was the principal at Prebbleton School, near Christchurch,?until the end of last year.

He was acting principal at another school?shortly before?he?first appeared in court on sex charges in May this year. ?

Prebbleton School principal Kim Alexander,?who took up the role in February, said there was no reason to believe Hogan had acted inappropriately during his time at the school.

The school had not received any complaints from parents, she said.

“It didn’t involve our school at all.”

Hogan was employed at the school for 16 years, but the school were only made aware of the allegations prior to the court case. By then, he had already left the school.

The Education Council received a report about Hogan in May.

“The following day we had him sign an undertaking not to teach”, said teacher practice manager Andrew Greig.

Hogan would?be struck off the Teachers’ Register, and will never teach again.

“Parents today should take comfort in the fact the processes to ensure teachers are safe and competent to teach are more robust then they have ever been,” Greig said.

I think the Education Minister has a good case for refusing to speak with the teacher unions until they get their house in order.

What are they going to do to prevent sickos, pedos and ratbags from entering their profession. They are after all, as they constantly tell us, the guardians of the profession.

Perhaps they might like to put up or shut up.

The teaching profession has a systemic problem, and like the Catholic Church it needs to sort it out.

UPDATED: We have been advised that Hogan has had his registration cancelled. This was completed as soon as legally possible, but the Education Council obtained an undertaking from Hogan for him not to teach immediately upon learning of his charges. That came via a mandatory report from the school.