Is benefit fraud a NCEA course?

If benefit fraud is an NCEA course this women seems to have got at least a “merit”. With points deducted only for getting caught.

A Kapiti woman who fraudulently claimed $131,371 in social welfare benefits?has been sentenced to 10 months’ home detention.

Georgina Harry-Anne Marama Kelly Kraus , also known as Georgina Huriwaka, 39, pleaded guilty in the Porirua District Court on Wednesday?to 30 charges of using a document fraudulently.

Huriwaka, a traffic controller,?first applied for a domestic purposes benefit on January 8,?2010. ?On the form she advised?she?had separated from her husband.

Over the next five?years she continued to claim a benefit despite still living with her husband. The couple had another baby in 2013.

She did not declare her earnings from the fulltime work she started in May, 2015. ?

In October 2015, Huriwaka?separated from her husband and their five children stayed in his care. She continued to receive the sole parents benefit until December ?8, 2015.

Her benefit was cancelled on December 9, 2015?when she advised the Ministry of Social Development she had begun fulltime work and moved from her home so her husband could move in and care for their children.

Despite being in a de facto relationship, she applied for a?grant in January, 2016 and stated she did not have a partner.

Her benefit was cancelled in February 2016 as a result of an investigation.

Perhaps she has achieved enough points to qualify for an “Excellence” award in NCEA Benefit Fraud.

The?judge got it right when he ticked her off and wrong when he sentenced her:

In summing up, Judge Bill Hastings said cases such as Huriwaka’s cast?a stigma on deserving?beneficiaries.

“Every taxpayer in this country is a victim of this offending,” he said.

“Every dollar you?fraudulently?received is a dollar that did not go to a deserving beneficiary and is an extra dollar?taxpayers had to contribute to ensure people needing benefits got the benefits they are entitled to.”

Huriwaka was sentenced to 10 months’ home detention, 140 hours of community work, and was ordered to pay reparation of $7000,?at $25 a week.

Home D? She should be in prison. Go steal $140k from your employer and see if you avoid a jail cell. As for the reparations…we are paying for that no doubt.

She’s had her benefit cancelled so many times you have to wonder if Work and Income even?knows what cancellation even means.


– Fairfax