Is Hillary getting advice from Andrew Little?

Andrew Little has rejected the centre ground, and Hillary Clinton it seems has no idea what the middle class is.

When you sit atop a $62 million net worth, it?s hard to see all the peons below. However, Hillary Clinton has reiterated throughout her campaign that she is going to really help out the middle class and not raise taxes on them. But when a reporter asked what income range she?s talking about, Clinton took the long way around with her answer.

Clinton was asked to define the middle class ?numerically? and also ?philosophically,? and so, she began there, touting it as the ?social, economic engine of our country.? Also, it?s ?a reflection of the success of the United States from the very beginning,? Clinton added. ?

She then struggled to nail down an income range like she was asked, saying the ?middle class is a hard-to-define economic target.?

?The way I talk about it is to say we know what the median income in America is, but if you?re living in high-cost areas, if you have kids you?re trying to educate and send to college, if you face healthcare costs that are beyond the average; staying in and progressing up in the middle class takes more money in some parts of America than it does in others.?

Clinton stood by her pledge to not raise taxes on the middle class and said that means anyone making under $250,000. She likes that number because that?s what ?President Obama had adhered to and something my husband adhered to.?

?The middle class is both real and aspiration,? Clinton concluded. ?And I want to make sure that it remains strong and it gives people a sense of security and confidence and optimism about their futures.?

She clearly has no idea. I’m sure there are plenty of people in the US looking incredulously to think that $250,000 per annum is middle class.

Was that Andrew Little sneaking around in the background?


– Truth Revolt