Is it because half of council hate her?

Council insiders say that Penny Hulse is getting demoted based on her appalling treatment of a number fellow councillors, who absolutely loathe her.

Perhaps she needs to reflect on her treatment of her perceived inferiors and work out if it has caught up with her.

New Auckland mayor Phil Goff has dumped Penny Hulse as his deputy.

An official announcement is expected later this week, but?sources close to the mayor’s office said Hulse would not be getting the nod.

The sources said Hulse, who was former mayor Len Brown’s deputy, had only got as far as being on?Goff’s short list.

Hulse said on Tuesday?she “hadn’t had that conversation with Phil yet” about whether or not she’d been chosen as his deputy.

When asked?if she was disappointed about not being selected as Goff’s deputy, Hulse replied, “let’s just say?I’ve led the Auckland Plan, led the Unitary Plan,?I held the council together through a sex scandal and then topped the poll for the entire region”.

Hulse attended Goff’s October 8 election victory?party.

Phil Goff likes lickspittles and sycophants, not strong people.

Whoever he chooses will be weak as ditch water.


– Fairfax