James Whetu not happy with police’s war against P

A Ngaruawahia [man]?says he’s disappointed it took a gang that rid the town of meth, rather than the police.

James Whetu said the Tribal Huks’ war against P in the town was great, but it was “unfortunate” that the right agencies did not get dealers and cooks out of the town.

Tribal Huk leader Jamie Pink on Thursday gave meth dealers in its Waikato town 24 hours to leave – and said they’d only ask nicely the first time.

Pink said the deadline ended at 6.30pm on Friday and after asking once, visits would begin to those who hadn’t gone.

As of Saturday morning, the small Waikato town was P free, a gang source told Fairfax.

It was also understood a P dealer who was selling in the town was assaulted in the area on Saturday.

I’ll tell you why police can’t do the same…?Because the police have to operate within the law. ?

The Fairfax source said five or six P dealers left the town without a fuss, while the remaining few were given a “hand.”

“When it’s time to go, it’s time to go,” he said.

“Those that listened were escorted out. Those that didn’t were handled and escorted out. There are no more P dealers in Ngaraz.”

Pink has previously used violence to shut down meth dealers after his daughter, a young teenager at the time, and her friends were offered the drug in 2007, it was reported.

He told a community meeting in the town: “For a lot of years, the Huks have kept a lot of other gangs out of here in Ngaruawahia and we are always going to do that, but we haven’t kept their poison out of here.

His gang had zero tolerance for the drug and did not use nor sell it.

The cops?can’t go around threatening to beat people up. ? But since it’s working so well, why don’t the Huks go around all the home owners and tell them to offer their spare bedrooms to the homeless “or leave town”? ?Perhaps they need to go to people that have jobs, and suggest they hand over $100 a week each for the unemployed, or otherwise “leave town”? ?Shop owners should be told to halve their margins, or be told to “leave town”.

Then?James Whetu can say?the Tribal Huks’ war against various socials ills by the gang in the town was great, and why aren’t police and government agencies doing the same?

Who is James Whetu? ?A Ngaruawahia local board member who feels gangs are more effective than Police because they don’t have to worry about the law.


– Fairfax, via NZ Herald