Jason Kander gun video turns race on its head

Remember that video? We featured Democrat candidate Jason Kander (above) and his gun video some weeks ago and it seems his video is working.

In the fight for control of the US Senate, the gun-rights-supporting state of Missouri was widely expected to re-elect a seasoned Republican. Then the Democrat candidate, Jason Kander, demonstrated in a campaign commercial that he could assemble an assault rifle in 30 seconds while wearing a blindfold.

Now the race, pitting him against the incumbent Republican, Roy Blunt, is too close to call and with it the broader fight for control of the Senate.

With two weeks to go until the elections, Mr Kander?s dexterity with a rifle could yet tilt the balance of power in Washington. ??

In the advertisement released last month, Mr Kander, a former US army captain who served in Afghanistan, stands in a shirt and jeans in an empty car park, blindfolded, behind a table which holds a dismembered rifle.

?Senator Blunt has been attacking me over guns,? he says, talking calmly but urgently as he slots the parts into place. ?Well, in the army, I learnt how to use and respect my rifle. In Afghanistan, I volunteered to be an extra gun in a convoy of unarmed SUVs and in the state legislature, I supported Second Amendment rights.?

The commercial ends with Mr Kander removing his blindfold and saying: ?I?d like to see Senator Blunt do this.?

In his advert, Mr Kander advocates background checks ?so that terrorists can?t get their hands on one of these?.

Yet in a state where legislators recently voted to allow citizens to carry concealed weapons in public places, without a permit, the mere sight of a Democrat assembling an assault rifle appears to have altered the course of the Senate race. In the most recent poll, he and Mr Blunt were neck and neck.

This shows once again the merits of a simple, challenging political video. Jason Kander has turned a forgone conclusion into an electoral race. Good on him.


-The Australian